What is ECCOMAS Proceedia?

ECCOMAS Proceedia is an Open Access publication platform containing the proceedings of Conferences organized under the auspices of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS), enabling their fast dissemination in the scientific community.

ECCOMAS is a scientific organization grouping together European associations with interest in the development and application of computational methods in applied sciences and engineering. Under the auspices of ECCOMAS, a number of conferences are organized attracting the interest of more than 3.000 participants per year. These are the ECCOMAS Congress every four years, the ECCOMAS conferences on Computational Solid and Structural Mechanics (ECCM) and on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECFD), every four years, the ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences every two odd years and the Special Interest as well as Regional Conferences.

Full-length papers after a regular peer review are indexed in the SCOPUS database, the largest citation database of peer review literature, and in the ECCOMAS Proceedia. All papers appearing on the ECCOMAS Proceedia are assigned with a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) by Crossref, which allows their connection with the SCOPUS database. By clicking the DOI link which appears in SCOPUS under each paper, the reader is connected to ECCOMAS Proceedia, where the full-text of the paper can be viewed.

In addition, ECCOMAS Proceedia can serve as online library of the Conferences organized with the support of ECCOMAS, as it offers the dynamic search of all authors, titles, sessions, conferences and has three action buttons: view full paper, download full paper and view and copy DOI link, while the entire e-books with the proceedings of each Conference are also available for download.